I don't need to quote research to let you know New Year's resolutions just don't work.  But a quick google search on "New Year's resolutions statistics" gives us a little relief that it's not just us that can't seem to stick with them.  Forbes' January 3, 2016 article states, 

"research suggests that approximately half

of all Americans make New Year’s resolutions yet

only 8% actually achieve them."   

What does work?  Creating a life based on your values, according to Michelle Buzbee, a Holistic Health Coach who has a masters degree in Holistic Health (michellebuzbee.com). This means getting clear about what is most important to you, and living your life from those guiding principles.  Michelle claims this is far different that making a resolution, which is likely based on extrinsic factors, or those factors that we feel we "should" do because of the messages we get from society, our friends, the media, etc.  You see, we are more motivated to put in the action, time, and resources to do something if it is connected to our inner value, and less so when it's based on external pressures that are not aligned with our values. 

I've seen in action the benefits of creating a valued life.  For example, I have a client who's value is to make a difference.  It is her intention to spread a message of light and hope to her community through the use of her gifts and talents.  To do this, she has to step out of her comfort zone in many ways.  To use her incredible gifts and talents is not always easy.  She works hard.  She has rough moments when others let her down, when projects get delayed, and financing the launch gets challenging. However when she reaches inside of herself for the courage, seeks out new tools to build this business, makes new relationships, creates the structure to make it happen, and steps bravely out as this voice of wisdom and light, it all comes from this deep value to make a difference in the lives of others.  

The motivation is there, you see.  And that is the missing piece in a lot of resolutions. 

So dear light-workers, what are your values?  

  1. Jot down your top 5-10 values.
  2. Review them, and ask yourself if they really belong to you, or if they are based on what you think you "should" value.  
  3. Then ask yourself, how you can bring more of those values into your life through small manageable actions.  If you value inner growth, can you check out some books at the library or sign up for a workshop?  If you value nourishing your family can you increase your home-cooked meals or light a candle and say a blessing before meals? If you value adventure, can you try a new food each month, start saving for a trip, or join an outdoor adventure group?
  4. Create a vision board based on your values as a reminder.  This pulls in the law of attraction, as well as getting your values, thoughts, and actions aligned. 
  5. Keep positive thoughts about yourself.  Remember to talk kindly to yourself, and notice all the ways you are aligning with your values. 

Wishing you all a valued 2016!