A few months ago I wrote a blog about Gratitude.  Since part of sharing all of this with you is that it reminds me to practice it myself, I have been extra intentional since then about having an "attitude of gratitude." And you know what? I have received an abundance of thank you cards, emails, texts, and gifts.  Let's let that sit for a moment.

This is the law of attraction in such an

unexpected, beautiful way.  

By putting out my thanks to all who have supported, encouraged, loved, taught, and positively influenced me, others sat down to write words of gratitude to me.  They took the time to appreciate my time, gifts, love, support, encouragement, and presence in their lives. And my gratitude soared.  And it fills me with desire to want to pay it forward even more.  

Goodness, gracious, gratitude,

this is glorious! 

And I'm goofy with it ;)

And so, today I thank you, dear reader.  For the gift you are in the world.  For the gift you are to me for taking the time to let my spiritually guided words come through to you.  And a special note of thanks to Joanna Gaines.  I purchased her beautiful "crazy thankful" sign from her store, Magnolia Market, and it is a constant reminder to me to keep up this attitude of gratitude!

Thank YOU.