A few weeks ago I witnessed my friend embodying active presence.

 In a moment where he could have been frazzled,

he was peaceful, focused, and surrendered to universal timing. 

Stan is a Dad of three under age 9, has multiple advanced degrees, a full career that routinely takes him across the United States and internationally, a wife he adores, and activities he enjoys such as writing a book and running.  Did I mention he also preaches at his church and he and his wife regularly host youth gatherings at their home?  In other words, this man has a full, abundant life of gluey fingered children, complex engineering presentations, and community service.  

And so I found myself in awe and wonder at this moment where he patiently filled out his child's name on the back of 30 ticket stubs for a drawing that was to take place in seconds.  Worried he wouldn't finish in time, I asked if I could help. He smiled and said, "no thank's, it's really going to be what it's going to be," and quietly went back to his work. We were surrounded by energy at that moment. Families had just finished running races hosted by our kids' school and were now bustling about booths. Parents were energetically talking while their kids were jumping in bounce houses, playing foursquare, and running between booths.  And so amidst this "hurry, busy, energy," I paused and watched Stan's energy. He could have been filled with anxiety, worried he wouldn't get all the tickets into the bags before the raffle began.  His ego could have been telling him all manner of anxiety provoking thoughts in that moment. Yet Stan's energy was gentle, patient, surrendered, and full of love.  I watched as he managed to easily fill all of the tickets out before the lot of them were gathered and names were called.  His sweet daughters won a prize.  

My prize was witnessing this moment within a moment.  

The entire day was full of joyful families, and

that moment filled with the active presence of a human... being. 

Being present in this world doesn't mean only being present during yoga or meditation.  Stan was a great reminder to me to bring this practice to the active moments of our lives.  Thank you for that lesson, Stan. Blessings to you and your family.