Well, hello! I hope this day is full of joyful abundance for you.  If not, well, that's okay too.  But if you are looking for tools on how to manifest more abundance in your life, read on. 

You see, the key is knowing this simple truth:

you are manifesting all day long anyway,

so you may as well be intentional about what you want. 

Really? Yes really.  Every thought you have in this moment, sends out an intention to the universe of what you want to create in your future.  So if you are thinking about lack, fearful situations, disharmonious relationships, you get the drift... you'll be telling the universe, "please create that for me." Yikes, no thanks. 

So what's the first thing to know about manifesting?  It's really the law of attraction in action. What you think about, you draw forth. 

One of my students recently told me that when she began my "Grow Your Consciousness" workshop series she loved the tools but thought they were a lot of work.  She quickly realized it's a lot more work to let ego drive the show.  She used the analogy of letting ego running the show is like a bunch of necklaces that are all jumbled in a knot.  You like the necklaces but it's just a jumble you have to keep untangling.  The tools for manifesting, on the other hand, gave her power over her life and the ability to choose which "necklace" she wants to rock in each moment. It became simpler for her to create her life through consciously choosing her thoughts.

Secondly, your imagination is a powerful manifesting tool.  In a quiet space, imagine what you want in great detail.  Let yourself imagine what your desire looks like, feels like, sounds like, and perhaps smells, and tastes like as well.  Linger in your imagination.  If doubts come in, gently let them fade away and return your attention to your desired image.  For example, another student shared that during my workshop she manifested a brownie.  Not just any brownie, but one with caramel.  Later that week she had a friend bring her not one brownie but a whole platter! She said it was delicious, and she could taste the caramel even though her friend said he didn't add that as an ingredient.  The power of our imagination as a manifesting tool is incredible! 

A third key to manifesting is to feel as though it's already happened and let your gratitude for it become the main feeling.  In the photo above, you'll see that during a workshop I manifested a flower.  Apparently I was so full of the feeling and gratitude I called forth a meadow!  A key component in this story is that I recognized each gift as my manifestation and said thank you to the giver as well as God/Divine Source and all the angels who helped bring this gift to me.  You see, the first manifested flower was a gift from a treasured student.  It appeared as a meadow rimming that sweet little bowl.  Recognizing the flowers and focusing on them brought more flowers to me.  A sweet thank you from an expat who's son came for his first American playdate, and then the glorious bouquet of daffodils from my sweet boy. 

So remember, it may seem like a lot of work, but it's much simpler to learn to harness your thoughts and create your own future as you like it, than to keep untangling a knot of necklaces!