Everything around you, you have manifested. Everything. 

This concept often stumps me as a concept, but if I let myself get outside myself, and see it from the spiritual realm, the realm of physics even, I understand.  I brought all of this to myself with my thoughts, feelings, and actions.  All of it. And I look around my home, my work, my life, with interest.  Like an anthropologist curious about the people who live here, I ask: "What did they create in their garden of life, and why? What are their values, their beliefs, their fears, hopes, dreams?  How did they see the world?"  And then I can decide if want to keep the garden as it is in front of me, or do some sculpting.  A little pulling of weeds here, planting new seeds there, protective mulch there, and some fertilizer to nourish over here.  And sometimes, I pull stuff out by it's roots, because it just no longer belongs in my garden of life. 

And so I ask you to take a moment and pause.  Put your ego to the side so you can do this without judgment or comparison.  Now, with fresh eyes and coming from a place of non-judgment:

Look around you. What do you observe?

What have you called forth into your life? What have you built?  What have you nurtured (a thriving plant perhaps?) and what have you neglected (dry skin perhaps?).  What is sitting in your "inbox" of life waiting to be handled.  This is a simple question.  But the answers, layered.

If you have created a life with lots to do, lots of projects, lots of invitations, lots of responsibilities, lots of stuff... then there is something there that you believe about "lots."  Ask yourself again, patiently, as a quiet observer, "what is it that I believe about this?"  And like a whisper in the breeze or a dream in the night, let the answer unfold in front of you.  Perhaps you'll be reminded of a childhood friend's parent who told you, "to get ahead, you have to work really hard and connect with everyone you meet."  For others, who give and give and give, perhaps they'll be reminded of books, stories, and people that influenced the belief that, "to be a good person you must give until it hurts."  Now you can look at this belief with fresh eyes.  Does the belief, underlying what is now your reality, still ring true for you? Is this what you want to create in your life moving forward?

The reason I bring this exercise to you here, in the Springtime, is that it's a lovely time to see if what you planted in the Autumn is what you want to keep.  

What are the weeds?   What are the nourishing plants?  What are the beautiful flowers? 

Take as much time as you like with this.  It may be time to pull something out by the roots.  It may be time to do just a gentle pruning. Trust your intuition, and come at this process from a grounded place of love. 

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Blessings on your journey.