How do we take control of our lives when we are knee deep in the moment of bills, food prep, text messages, dog barking, and kids pulling at our leg?  

Mindfulness, meditation, and manifesting are awesome tools.  But I needed one to help me navigate the day to day moments of real life.  

One of the simplest and most powerful tools I have used so far is segment intending. Esther and Jerry Hicks' book, The Law of Attraction, shares this valuable tool for releasing resistance to life and becoming more intentional about creating your experiences in life. 

The first step is to recognize when you are beginning a new part of your experience.  They call this a "segment."  A new segment begins when a new person walks in the room, when you get a text, when you get in your car, when you walk into the kitchen, when you get up in the morning, when you hop in the shower, when you get on your shoes to exercise, when you begin your exercise. . . you get the picture. Our lives are full of small segments.  Step one is just noticing, as you go about your day, each time you are entering a new segment. 

When you are aware you are in a new segment, take a moment to consider what you want to experience in that segment.  What do you want? Why? How do you want to feel?  For example, when I am about to put my feet on the floor in the morning, I say, "I intend for my morning to feel peaceful and to easily find myself preparing for my kids' and my day in a loving, joyful way."   As my 8 year old bounds into my room I say, "I intend to feel love and joy in my heart for this child."  When I'm making my coffee I say, "I intend to savor this moment!"  When we are  hopping on bikes to head to school, I say, "I intend for the bike ride to be fun and to connect with nature and our community along the way.  I intend for us to arrive early in a healthy and happy way." And on it goes throughout my day.  

I am not yet to the point where I do this through the entire day,  Some mornings I may only remember to do one of the above segment intentions, and others none at all. But some mornings, I'm on fire and do them all. Incorporating a new tool is a process. But each time we use this tool to create positive moments and feelings, it will become a habit rather than an extra effort.

I am so grateful to the Hicks and Abraham for sharing segment intending.  This is one of my favorite and most powerful spiritual tools, because it easily aligns me with the present moment.  It also helps me get clear on what I truly want out of each moment and allows me to create that experience.

Instead of reacting to life as though it's happening to me,

 I'm creating my life moment by moment.  

Start today.  Exercise your segment intending muscles right now by making an intention about the next segment you are going into. What do you want to experience and feel?

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Blessings on your journey.