Things were getting way to serious around here.  Life had become a series of chores and to-do lists.  Where was the fun? Where was the magic? Where was the laughter?

I wanted to bring the fun back to our home.  Like when the kids were little and they would "hide" under a blanket in the middle of the room and my husband and I would pretend to go looking for them in silly places like, behind a couch cushion, or in the trash can.  I wanted our days to feel lighter, our life to feel full of childlike wonder again.

And so I bought myself a present. I even wrapped it and put it under the tree.  And when I opened it Christmas morning at first the family was taken aback.  What they first saw were beautifully painted salad size plates rimmed with flowers and delicate designs.  Then they saw the middle of each plate and the giggles began. These pretty plates hosted pictures of a giraffe, a hummingbird, a lizard, and an owl.  My way of bringing some lightness to our morning breakfasts and afternoon snacks.  

It was a start, and serves me as a daily reminder to keep things light.  When I slide eggs and toast on the owl plate I smile and am reminded to hand it off with lightness and love.  When I pile watermelon high on the giraffe's neck I giggle to myself and let my imagination play.

Since I made this intention of lightening up our home,

I noticed that my children relaxed a bit more,

laughed a lot more,

and our home felt lighter again.

Now, we don't have to buy something new necessarily to bring in the silliness.  Goodness life is funny all around us!  But if your life is getting too serious too, ask yourself how you can bring more lightness to your every day.  I promise, it's well worth it! 

Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

1. Jokes.  Find some jokes your audience will appreciate and (are appropriate for them) on the internet, in joke books, or even asking to hear one from friends.  

2.  Play "who can make me laugh."  My kids and I play this a lot when we are bored.  Super simple- just try to make the other person laugh within a time limit.  To increase the silliness, we have the person trying not to laugh hold water in their mouth.  Doesn't take long for a giggle to make their mouth spray (we play outside of course!). It's fun to see each my kids make faces, act out slapstick humor, and just let their silliness reign.

3.  Add some lighter decor and art.  Don't just put up your kid's best art project, put up the one that is hilarious.  Put up photos of them with real, authentic smiles.  Next time you are due for new throw pillows, get the ones that make you smile. 

4. When possible, react with laughter and love instead of criticism and perfection.  Sometimes a bag breaks and groceries go flying.  Sometimes we have to chase a dog down the street in our pajamas.  Instead of fuming, see the humor in just being human.  Surrender with a laugh.

5.  Ask the universe to show you funny things.  (Ask that they are for your and others' highest good so you don't end up seeing people getting hurt or embarrassed).   You may be directed toward joining a funny conversation, watching a funny tv show, or observing funny life moments. 

I hope this brings some giggles and fun to your day and your life. 

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Blessings on your journey!

Note, the photo above is from the Anthropologie website.  Those are the plates I treasure. I am not affiliated with Anthropologie and this is not an endorsement.