Our egos like us to think that we have to own things to be happy.  This keeps us in the ever reaching cycle of always wanting that next thing, and never being satisfied.  I discovered a simple truth:

I don't have to own it, for it to be part of my experience. 

When I go to the grocery store and see the rows of beautiful flowers, I don't have to buy them. I enjoy them right then and there. I admire the colors, the variety and bounty of petals, the shape of the leaves, and the sweet fragrance.  They are a part of my experience in that moment. 

This creates two things.  First, it puts me in the present moment, and quiets ego.  Second, it helps me bring that very thing into my life.   You see, the more I appreciate things as "that's for me" without the attachment to holding onto it, or owning it, the more I draw those very things into my experience.  What we focus on, we bring into our lives.  So appreciating something without attachment, means more of that beautiful thing in your life, without the egoic yearning.

As you've seen from other posts, there are no shortage of flowers that come into my life!

Try this with things in your life. If you really like a car for example, appreciate it every time you see it on the road.  Connect with your joy that you get to see that car, watch it move along the road, telling yourself, "that's for me!" Because in that moment it really is- you are experiencing that car!  As you go about your day and weeks you may notice that car more often. You may get invited to go somewhere with a friend and when you hop in his/her car notice it's that very car you like!  You may win the car.. You may notice funds easily coming your way to purchase the car.  

Whatever the universe has in store, appreciate that in this very moment, you can experience it, without owning it

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Blessings on your journey!