The angels are talking to you.  Through signs, symbols, and gentle guidance, the angels help guide your path for your highest and greatest good. Do you recognize the signs?

But I get ahead of myself, the first question is:

How do you feel about angels?

Some people have shared that they don't like angels very much because of their time in a religious organization that made angels out to be reprimanding, punitive, and all watchful of every mistake.  Others have shared that they don't believe in angels.  Others, that they do believe, but don't know how to work with them.  And of course there is a range of beliefs about angels between and outside of that.  How do you feel about them?

After discovering how you feel, consider why you feel that way.  What is the underlying belief? Did a parent, priest, movie, friend, teacher, book, etc. tell you something about angels? Does this still ring true for you?   

I used to be afraid of angels.  I used to think that I was bothering them if I called on them for protection in the dark of  night when I heard a spooky noise.  I used to think if I talked to them that I was worshiping "false gods" and that I should only talk to God, or better yet, only talk to God through a priest.  I used to think the angels were too busy for me.  And yet when I saw a picture of them something inside me stirred.  Something like a recognition of love, peace, and acceptance.  I wanted to know those angels. And that little intention led me to a beautiful relationship with the angels. Those angels.

About 15 years ago I picked up a book by Doreen Virtue about angels.  She is now very famous and well known as "The Angel Lady" and I am forever grateful that she had the courage to write and speak about them.  Turns out, angels are God's helpers, and they desire to help us. No task is too big or too small, and since they can be in many locations at once, calling on them does not take them away from something or someone who is more important than you finding your keys.  And calling on them is not praying, no more than asking a trusted friend or mentor for guidance is worshiping them. 

Pray to God, Call on the Angels. 

However, I still didn't feel deserving of the help. The turning point for me was realizing that if I was at my best, I could bring my best out into the world.  I began asking the angels for guidance and help, and life became smoother, clearer, simpler.  I prayed to God throughout the day, and I asked the angels for assistance whenever and wherever it could make life easier. For when I was at my best, I could bring my best to every moment.  

Over the years I gently grew my relationship with the angels through reading, meeting them in meditation, calling on them for assistance and guidance, and lots of gratitude toward their loving presence in my life. And now I get the beauty of this love, this unconditional love, that flows through me, surrounds me, and champions me on my journey.  

They angels assist me in bringing my best to you. 

For example, the angels have been sending me a message through the number 111.  I see it on clocks, on addresses, billboards, license plates, everywhere lately. According to Doreen Virtue's book "Angel Therapy", that number means watch your thoughts, is this what you want to manifest into the world?  When I pause and watch my thoughts, I notice that I am sending out thoughts contrary to my intentions.  I may have the intention of creating a workshop for my clients' highest and greatest good, and then my thoughts may run counter with something like, "who do you think you are, you aren't good enough to do that."  With the awareness of the angels, I can let that thought go and create a new one, "I am confident and capable to create workshops for my clients' highest good."  I also sit in meditation with them and ask for help in doing just that. 

And that, my dear readers, is the reason for this blog post.  They wanted me to share.

The photo above is of me near Skellig Michael, the island off of the coast of Ireland, where there is a legend about Archangel Michael taming the dragon and bringing light during the dark time.  You may recognize the island as the one we find Luke standing on at the end of the recent Star Wars film.  The director says it is no accident the filming took place there.  According to the Huffington Post: 

"Some time before 1044, the monastery on the island was dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel, an angel who appears in the Bible and has remarkably Jedi-like characteristics. In some Christian traditions, Michael is seen as both a healer and a soldier, protecting the sick and suffering but being destined to one day lead the heavenly armies of God against the forces of evil."  --Carol Kurruvia

And this incredibly powerful and loving angel has lightened my path for many years. May the angels help lighten your path as well, if you choose. Because you have free will, my dears. The angels can only help you if you call on them (unless it is life or death).   Consider calling on them for guidance, assistance, support, protection, etc., for your highest and greatest good. Consider letting God's helpers, help

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