One of the great teachers in my life is Dr. Wayne Dyer.  I use the present tense, because his teachings are very present in my life.  He was one of the first to teach me about spiritual principles.  He was the one of the first to show me how to use the spiritual principles in every day life.  And even though he is now on the other side, he left a legacy of knowledge, service, and charitable giving that stretches far beyond his impact on me. 

Have you ever wondered, "what is my contribution?"  

I remember when my husband was working in Washington D.C. He was so taken by the huge monuments that he was at once inspired to do great work that would deserve such a monument and intimidated to even try.  He has of course done many things over the years to serve - coaching soccer, providing foster care, donating time and money to charities, putting his incredibly bright mind to good use as a government employee, and being a kind friend and compassionate spouse. All of these things count.  

We all came here for a different purpose. And when we live that purpose, our legacy lives on. If you are one who loves to cook for your family, you may leave a legacy to your children who now cook "just like Papa."  If you are one who quietly sends love out to those she sees hurting, you "leave an unseen legacy of lightening the earth." If you are one who loves to paint, but others never find the beauty, you leave the legacy of those who knew you as one who "was true to herself and brought forth her perspective."  In other words, we are not to judge our legacy, nor expect our legacy to change the world in a huge way. We are just to bring forth our highest self, and then the legacy of that unique gift cannot help but live on in some way. 

To quote Marsha Graham: 

“There is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost.”

So consider bringing forth to the world the unique offering of your highest self.  

Unsure what that gift is? Make an appointment with yourself to explore this:

1. Ask, when do I feel most in flow with life? What activities or actions make me feel most expressive and full of life? Give yourself time to let your contributions come to the surface. They may have been stifled long ago, and it may take time to bring them to the surface and honor them as yours. 

2. Consider how you can use these gifts in service. To serve your friends, family, community, and/or the world.  For example, if you express through painting, at different times of your life you could set aside time to paint, volunteer at the local school to teach painting basics, donate to charities that support the arts, etc.  

3.  Know that you are enough and your gifts are enough. I have a friend who is often saying she is not giving enough. Such a sign of a giver! She has helped so many children through horseback therapy lessons and fitness programs and coaching and fundraising and and, and!  Her service matters because it has made our community of children feel more loved, more safe, more self-confident, more healthy, and more courageous. 

Whether you bring your expression through donations, volunteering, how you interact with others, and/or your work, as you move about the earth we get the value of your art, music, scientific insights, deliciously prepared food, exploration, gentle heart, humor, empathy, engineering, warm smile, the list is endless. And this is your living legacy. This will live on.

Blessings on your journey. Blessings on your legacy. 

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