Coaching to find your voice.


We can do a lot in an hour, so think how much we accomplish one on one, month after month! Coaching is a commitment to yourself. It says, “The best investment I can make is in my personal and spiritual growth.” It says, “I’m ready to claim my voice, face and clear old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve me, and bring forth the highest expression of myself.” So put yourself on your agenda and let’s go big. I offer spiritual development coaching, confident presenter coaching, and what’s next (career/job) coaching.

What I’ll bring to the table:

  • Masters and Bachelor's Degrees in Communications

  • Certified Rapid Results Coach through Hay House author Christian Mickelsen,

  • Certified Market Force Styles Trainer (see here for the companies using this tool)

  • Intuitive reading and energy healing training from Intuitive Healer and Guide, Mary Deveneau

  • Experience. Lots of it. See more here.

3 Coaching Options:

Soulful Coaching

Learn how to connect with your intuition, Divine Source, and your spirit guides to create more joy, peace, clarity, abundance, healthier relationships, and work you love. You’ll gain spiritual tools to help quiet your inner critic and get in touch with your intuition, you’ll experience sound/intuitive healing when needed to help clear fears and blocks that come up along the way.

How does it work? During an initial phone call or in person meeting in Davis, CA, I’ll lead you through a series of questions that will help you get crystal clear about what you desire in your career, relationships, advocacy, and/or wellness. Then over a 6-12 month period we meet 3-4 times per month for 50 minute sessions to make that vision come into reality. You will get individualized weekly homework to create action toward your unique goals. (But the good kind of homework. The kind that gives you permission to move forward with the things you love, gives you structure to weed out what is in the way, gives you freedom to explore and research, and gives you accountability to follow through on turning your vision into reality).

I work with a select group of clients at a time. This provides me with full energy and capacity to support you not only during our sessions, but also to check in with Divine Source and my spirit guides once a week or so. During these intuitive check ins, I ask if there is any more support my coaching clients need at that time. So from time to time you may receive a text or email of encouragement, support, or wisdom to support your journey. Usually this comes in the form of “thinking of you, remember you are surrounded by love,” or a song lyric, or a reminder about a spiritual tool. Note this is not a full intuitive healing/reading (which are available here). $400 per month/6months, or $2200 full pay/6 months, or $4200 full pay/12 months.

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Confident Presenter Coaching

Have a presentation coming up and want help releasing your fear of standing in front of a group of people and talking? Want to create a presentation that is compelling, engaging, and informative? Want to learn how to use your body and presentational media effectively while presenting? Whether you are an elementary school teacher nervous about back to school night, an engineer preparing for a conference, or a seasoned trainer wanting to fine-tune your skills, presentation skills coaching can help.

Through coaching, you’ll learn why our bodies and minds create such chaos if left to their own devices before and during a presentation, how to transform nervous energy into engaging gestures and authentic connection with your audience, and how to prepare, word, and organize your presentation so your audience will get the most out of it. For six weeks we will meet weekly for 50 minute sessions, and you will have homework to complete in between. I’ve taught/coached over 1,000 unique individuals how to present with confidence and am confident that you can too. $725

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What’s Next Coaching

Unsure what you want to do next? Whether you are newly graduating, newly retired, newly divorced, or considering a new career after years raising your kids, what’s next coaching can help. Through coaching you’ll get crystal clear on what your criteria is for your next job/career. For example, you will get clear on how you want to use your time and if your job needs to fulfill more than financial abundance and security, or if it also needs to provide other things such as meaningful contribution, creative expression, or social engagement. With your criteria in hand, you’ll feel more clear during your career exploration or your job interviews depending on where you are in the process.

Also, through coaching, you will learn who you are, separate from who you’ve been told you are and what you’ve been told you should do. You’ll learn how to quiet your inner critic, identify the beliefs you’ve been taught and see if they still work for you, and build confidence in your choices. Pulling from happiness literature, we will help you build a career that will bring you joy. We will meet in person in Davis, CA or over the phone, three times per month for two months. Sessions are 50 minutes, and you will have weekly homework that includes self discovery, as well as career/job search. $725

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Some kind words from clients:


“Heather was an invaluable resource to me during a challenging time professionally. I found her coaching to be flexible, inspirational, grounding, and always caring. The tools I learned with Heather I continue to use in my life, to feel connected to my true self and to navigate everyday stresses as well as hold steady through life’s emotional turbulence. I feel like she was integral in helping me define and hold on to my core values. Her warmth and sense of humor complimented her constant emphasis on my own personal path and ability to achieve the goals I define. I would highly recommend Heather as a spiritual coach.” - E.P.

“Working with Heather has been instrumental in helping me choose the next steps in my future path. Her constant presence, instruction, and intuitive questioning helped me gather my sense of self and helped me to make choices I was confident in. I know myself better because of guidance and direction from Heather, which is incredible. Frequently during our sessions I would find myself becoming emotional because I was so comfortable with Heather. I was able to express to her my fears and anxiety about my looming expectations and choices. She helped give me perspective and I felt completely safe to be vulnerable with her about fears and insecurities about pleasing others and not making choices that would benefit me. Simply put, she is loving, gifted, kind, and amazingly helpful. I feel lucky to have had her by my side to coach me and encourage me through many of my upcoming future choices. She has positively impacted my life in ways I can’t put words to. I feel confident that now I have the tools to make choices that will set me up for success, because of my coaching with Heather.” —Kylie D.

"When I'm working with Heather, I'm reminded of my own worth and inner wisdom and that when I'm connected to that, I am present, I am connected to everything and everyone around me and I am powerful. And it's not the first time, it's not a new conversation. It's like I've been here before in different workshops, books, conversations, etc… but, I forget. And I need help remembering. This is the first time I've been given specific tools to know how to harness it and access it whenever I want." —Tamee Cooper

"Having just begun a business as a massage therapist, I sought Heather's help to clarify my goals, aspirations, and plans for marketing and implementation. Trapped amidst what I experienced as conflicting values to enhance others' well-being while making a living, Heather led me through an intentional process to bring to consciousness my own well-being and how this resonated with making a living doing something I am passionate about. Her background in communications and organizational development combined with her sense of intuition enabled her to assist me, not only with how I felt about moving forward with my business plan, but also supplying me with tools to see this through, from reciting mantras to mapping assets and aspirations. Finally, she worked with, not at, me -- asking really great questions! Heather is not a "one size fits all" kind of professional, which makes her so effective. I would recommend her to anyone open to exploring their personal and professional goals with honesty and integrity!" —Marisa Cheung

"It’s a bit hard for me to describe how Heather’s gifts have positively impacted my life, but it’s worth an attempt so that others may dramatically benefit from what she has to offer. Heather’s gifts are uncommon and at times beyond what words can capture. She delivers such a loving, caring and powerful guidance that it almost makes you unaware that it is happening at all, and yet you’ll notice that your intuition sharpens and obstacles move readily/magically out of the way. She has the most amazing ability to spiritually and energetically cleanse your perspective and “clear the path” so that moving forward feels effortless and purposeful. On a number of occasions, Heather has helped me make sense of confusing situations, bringing a lightness to choice and helping me make decisions that feel powerful, meaningful and “right”. —Tony Cooper

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Disclaimer: Heather Needham presents all activities for educational purposes only. The information provided is not intended to diagnose or prescribe medical or psychological conditions nor to claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or to cure such conditions. The information is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a doctor or mental health professional. You are responsible for your own actions.