Coaching to find your voice and your what’s next.

As a Coach, I assist you in your journey to find your what's next.  I'll help you quiet your fears, get in tune with your soul desires, and create a life and career you truly want.  

A bit about what I bring to the table:

  • Masters and Bachelor's Degrees in Communications

  • Certified Rapid Results Coach through Hay House author Christian Mickelsen,

  • Certified Market Force Styles Trainer (see here for the companies using this tool)

  • Intuitive reading and energy healing training from Psychic, Spiritual Teacher, and Shahman Mary Deveneau


Some kind words from clients: 

"When I'm working with Heather, I'm reminded of my own worth and inner wisdom and that when I'm connected to that, I am present, I am connected to everything and everyone around me and I am powerful. And it's not the first time, it's not a new conversation. It's like I've been here before in different workshops, books, conversations, etc… but, I forget. And I need help remembering. This is the first time I've been given specific tools to know how to harness it and access it whenever I want." --Tamee Cooper

"Having just begun a business as a massage therapist, I sought Heather's help to clarify my goals, aspirations, and plans for marketing and implementation. Trapped amidst what I experienced as conflicting values to enhance others' well-being while making a living, Heather led me through an intentional process to bring to consciousness my own well-being and how this resonated with making a living doing something I am passionate about. Her background in communications and organizational development combined with her sense of intuition enabled her to assist me, not only with how I felt about moving forward with my business plan, but also supplying me with tools to see this through, from reciting mantras to mapping assets and aspirations. Finally, she worked with, not at, me -- asking really great questions! Heather is not a "one size fits all" kind of professional, which makes her so effective. I would recommend her to anyone open to exploring their personal and professional goals with honesty and integrity!" --Marisa Cheung

"It’s a bit hard for me to describe how Heather’s gifts have positively impacted my life, but it’s worth an attempt so that others may dramatically benefit from what she has to offer. Heather’s gifts are uncommon and at times beyond what words can capture. She delivers such a loving, caring and powerful guidance that it almost makes you unaware that it is happening at all, and yet you’ll notice that your intuition sharpens and obstacles move readily/magically out of the way. She has the most amazing ability to spiritually and energetically cleanse your perspective and “clear the path” so that moving forward feels effortless and purposeful. On a number of occasions, Heather has helped me make sense of confusing situations, bringing a lightness to choice and helping me make decisions that feel powerful, meaningful and “right”. --Tony Cooper

So, How does it work?

We begin by discussing your goals and desires for coaching.  For some clients it's as simple as releasing fear during a presentation so they can truly speak their voice authentically and compellingly, for others it is creating a soulful career, and for others it is deepening their connection with their own inner voice to find out what they truly want to do next.  Some aren't sure what their goals or desires are yet, but know they are searching for something.  After we get clear on what you want out of the coaching sessions, I will pull from the following three streams of gathered wisdom to assist you on your journey:

Soulful Wisdom

Some questions I may ask are, Do you feel connected to your soul?  Do you hear your inner wisdom? Do you desire more connection with yourself and others?  Do you feel like there is more to you and this life experience than what you are currently getting out of it?

I share knowledge I've gathered from 20 years of study from the teachers and guides who have shared wisdom through books, lectures, meditations, audio recordings, and workshops. The overall messages that resonate with me from all of these great teachers are: we are all divinely loved and supported; the present moment is the gift; and what you think about you create into your reality. 

Styles Indicator

Some questions I may ask are, How do you react under pressure? How does that impact your relationships? Do you want to manage your pressures? Do you want to respond differently to people or events that "set you off?"

I'm certified to train and coach with a styles indicator that will show you which of the four ways your primal brain is wired to react when it detects danger: dictate how you want things to go, fly off to better circumstances, power through the burden, or hibernate away and process the past. You'll begin to understand how your primal brain reacts and sets in motion fear-based actions even when it's not an actual threat to your life, but just a perceived threat to your identity. You will be able to create a plan for staying mindful when you are under pressure so you can react from your higher consciousness, not from your lizard brain. You'll also have the wisdom to understand what your pressure triggers are, and how to reduce these triggers in your life. Even better, you'll begin to notice other people's lizard brains reacting under pressure and develop compassion, boundaries, and strategies to help calm them down. 

Communication Skills 

Some questions I may ask are, How are you currently using your voice in the world? Do you feel heard? Do you talk nicely to yourself in your head? Do you feel connected to others when you share your ideas? Do you communicate your work with confidence?

I teach you how to communicate with yourself and others to manifest what you really want, create healthy boundaries, let go of old communication patterns that no longer serve you, and build healthy relationships. I also show you how to communicate about all these changes with others in your life who may or may not be receptive about all the growing and changing you are going through.


Life's Work Coaching

We will meet three times each month for a period of 6 to 12 months. The week off, you'll have extra time to put your plan into action. Sessions last 50 minutes and are conducted over the phone. Here are the fun extras:

  • Weekly email support. Each week I'll reflect about our sessions and how best to support you. I'll also ask my guides and angels during meditation if they have any wisdom to share. Then you'll get a little quote, song lyric, insight, suggested activity, meditation, or affirmation right in your inbox. All for you. Just for you.

  • Weekly homework. But the good kind of homework. The kind that gives you permission to move forward with the things you love, gives you structure to weed out what is in the way, gives you freedom to explore and research, and gives you accountability to follow through on turning your vision into reality.

  • FREE access to virtual meditations (when in session).

Public Speaking Training

Find Your Public Speaking Style 

Have a presentation coming up and want help releasing your fear, creating an authentic, powerful, and compelling presentation, and learn how to use your body and presentational media effectively while presenting? Whether you are an elementary school teacher nervous about back to school night, an engineer preparing for a conference, or a seasoned trainer wanting to fine-tune your skills, I can tailor the training to meet your needs.  

I also offer public speaking and human dynamics styles training for businesses and organizations.  For more information and a price quote, please contact me at 

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Disclaimer: Heather Needham presents all activities for educational purposes only. The information provided is not intended to diagnose or prescribe medical or psychological conditions nor to claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or to cure such conditions. The information is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a doctor or mental health professional. You are responsible for your own actions.