Intuitive Sound Healing

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe,

think in terms of energy,

frequency and


– Nikola Tesla –

Feeling called to Intuitive Sound Healing?

People are guided to come for an intuitive sound healing when:

  • They want to clear away the disruption, confusion, emotional upheaval, and delay in their lives

  • They want to heal energetic blocks and old thought patterns around their work, relationship challenges, and their healing journey

  • They want to “unlock” their creativity

  • They want to do work that feels meaningful and provides abundance

  • They want to let go of resentment and anger over old relationships and attract in relationships that bring them joy and unconditional love

  • They want to clear blocks to self-healing, and attract in the best information and healers for their healing journey

Those called to sound healing know life is full of duality, challenges presented, work to be done, and they want to move through it from their soul. They want to clear out what is getting in the way from moving through life as their highest version of self.

How does it work?

After you book a session online, the healing begins. You may find that when it comes time for the call, what you thought you were going to ask about cleared away, and now you are asking about something deeper. At the beginning of the session I’ll ask your permission to read your energy, and to direct healing energy your way. Then, I serve as a conduit as Divine Source and a team of high level healers from the other side channel healing tones and light through my voice and hands. So you will hear a variety of tones as they work to clear your energy field. I will also let you know the intuitive messages coming through to support your self-healing. Intuitive Mary Deveneau described the energy healing as my being in all of the places at once, the sounds creating a harmony of powerful healing energy.  

It is my work to be a clear and perfect channel of this light and sound, not to put any claims or expectations on the healing.  The Universe will lead you to this harmonic healing when it is time, and you will receive the healing that is for your highest and greatest good on your soul journey. 

“Sound” good? You can schedule a session here. 

Want to know more? Read on . . .

Can I do sound healing on my own?

Yes. Source energy is available to you anytime, anywhere.  Harmonic healing tones are your birthright.  You may come to a session with me when you are called, but trust that you may also work on your own to bring healing sounds into your life and being through crystal or metal bowls, tuning forks, mantras/chants, nature sounds, and soulful music that speaks to you.  Listen to your being to understand what sounds are jarring you (honking, sirens, buzzing computer, etc.), and which ones you are called to for self-healing. 

Beyond the deep energetic healing and insight from your spirit guides, an added bonus to an intuitive sound healing session with me is to help you feel your connection to Divine Source (God) and your soul. Hearing the tones and sitting in the space of light for our session awakens many to how divine messages come through, and confirmation that they are loved, supported, and that their contribution in the world is needed and valued.  In fact, one of my favorite things is hearing my clients tell me they were about to call me for a healing session, then realized that through my workshops or healing sessions they had learned to trust their own intuition and used it to make a heart-centered choice or do a sound healing that felt good to them.   

When should I do sound healing?

Daily.  Our bodies are vibrational.  Sound is a part of our experience.  The vibration of sound penetrates far more than our ears.  Allow yourself time daily to listen to the shower water flow down and over you, listen to the silence before you fall asleep, feel/hear the vibrations of your favorite soulful music in the morning,  and in your meditation/yoga/run/introspective time, allow sound to move through your voice-box as you feel called.  Crying permitted.  Laughing too. 

Is there any evidence of this?

Yes, if you search for “sound healing” there are some studies, but as a former academic, I would love to see more studies done. Here is one study that might be of interest:

“Results indicate that shifts in attention, awareness, and consciousness frequently occurred when individuals engaged in toning. ‘Meditative,’ ‘calm,’ and ‘relaxed’ were the three most common descriptors of toning. In contrast, singing evoked stronger emotions and associations than toning, with the three most common descriptors including “nostalgia,” “tenderness,” and “joyful activation.” Findings also suggest that the physical experience with vibrations and the sound of one’s own voice may be attributes of toning that likely contribute to its success in inducing altered states of awareness, attention, and consciousness.”

Shelley Snow, PhD, MTA Nicolò Francesco Bernardi, PhDNilufar Sabet-Kassouf, MA Daniel Moran, MA Alexandre Lehmann, PhD  Exploring the Experience and Effects of Vocal Toning. Journal of Music Therapy, Volume 55, Issue 2, 7 June 2018, Pages 221–250.

Mostly, I put faith in channeled information from Divine Source and experience as proof. For example, imagine walking into an airport and hearing an angry confrontation, an interruption over a loudspeaker, and a baby crying.  Leave the airport and imagine yourself walking along a gently flowing river, hearing the water flow in rhythmic fashion, soothing away all other sound.  Feel a difference in your being between the two sound experiences? 

Here are some kind words from clients:


"When I was so sick a few days ago, I kneeled by the bed and prayed "God, I need help. I can't do this by myself; I don't want to be sick all of the time. Please show me the way." I added that if it was my time, I would go joyfully but I had more I wanted to do here.  And a few days later, I am speaking with Heather. I can tell you about physical changes. Since that session with Heather I have not had any pain in my neck or shoulders. I saw my Orthopedic Surgeon this morning. I have been seeing him on a regular basis for 20 years. He was astonished to see how far I could turn my head, how flexible I was. He asked me what I had been doing to get this miraculous healing. My chest does not hurt, my bronchial tubes are clear. My heart is calm and peaceful.  Heather, you have tremendous healing power and I am so grateful. I feel light and happy and free. Gaining reassurance that I am intuitive and that my hearing people is not my imagination is huge for me. Jesus was there and he told Heather that when he comes to me he puts his forehead against mine and puts his hand on my shoulders. That imagery has stayed with me and I feel so light and happy, it almost makes me cry with happiness. I know that doesn't make any sense but my whole world has been affected. Heather said that this whole illness has been to teach me receive, to accept unconditional love. There are no words to express my gratitude for saving my life.  Heather, you “blew me away”.  This is real! Jesus even knew about my little books. I feel him with me now closer than before. I will let him guide my life. What a gift, Heather.  -M.N.

“Working with Heather has been a remarkable blessing and truly life-altering. It was an experience like nothing I'd ever had but it was so incredibly powerful. It's difficult to put into words but I have seen changes in my life in so many unexpected ways. I don't have enough words of gratitude. Suffice to say Heather is an angel to me” -Steve Goupil

"I am so grateful to Heather and her beautiful sacred gifts.  My healing session with Heather was an experience of great peace,  love and healing.  Heather's singing and connection to spirit is so beautiful!  She put me in touch with my Guides, Angels and Spiritual helpers where we all worked together to release years of pain and grief from my physical body and realign me with my personal truth and wisdom. I could feel all of this energetically!  During our session I could feel the weight of many burdens lift from my body and my heart.  I know that with Heather's guidance from our session I am continuing to grow and move forward in such a peaceful and powerful way. Working with Heather is pure love."  -MJ Barnett 

"Dear Heather, your healing session has been so incredibly valuable to me. I was ready to step into my new phase of life, but was stuck and wasn’t fully aware of it. I felt safe, loved and nurtured by you throughout the entire session. Your singing touched my soul. I don’t know how else to describe it. The information that was given to me in the session was meaningful and kept unfolding days and weeks afterwards. It has been a little over a month since our meeting and I have been able to observe and heal the places within me that were keeping me stuck. Thank you for your incredible gift and for sharing it with me. I look forward to our next time together. With infinite love and gratitude," Kris Alvarado

"The session started with Heather saying a wonderful prayer to purify our houses, and asking our permission to let her in, to which we emphatically answered "YES."  Then she asked us to ground ourselves and to pull the 7 layers of our chakras in.  She could see whether we were grounded or not, and could see our chakras.  She told my sister, "Oops, you've got something in your 3rd chakra, but Archangel Gabriel just took it away.  It was just some energy that wasn't yours."  When we were all grounded and our chakras were clear, she started the chanting.  She said it was okay to laugh, but my sister and I both cried the whole time.  Just silent tears running down our faces.  It was so beautiful. -J.C.

"Something stirred in me the moment I met Heather.  As I watched her provide guidance to a dear friend of mine, I was taken by her compassion and wisdom.  This led me to schedule a private session with Heather, as well as attend group events.  Heather's counsel is gentle and kind, yet honest and encouraging.  It touches at a soul level to promote inner growth and personal transformation. I am grateful for Heather's presence in my life."  --Kate C.

"I had no idea what to expect.  All I knew is I had lost my path and I was hoping Heather could help me find it.  I was worried that I was going to have to partake in an epic journey like in the movie "Wild," or the book "Eat, Pray, Love," but as it turned out all I needed to do was walk next door to Heather's house.  It was well worth the trip!"  --"neighbor" Sherri Cowden

“Heather always gets to the heart of the matter; her information is filled with sweet and pure unconditional love, light and integrity in an environment that is sacred and safe. I always experience meaningful healings from her that remind me to love my inner child within."  --Marion Hakata

I’m in! How do I prepare for my session?

First, book a session here. 

Great. Can’t wait to work with you. After you schedule an appointment, you will receive an email explaining how to call in for your appointment.  Don't worry that we are not face to face, the energy will flow to you through my hands and voice and I can read your energy from anywhere you are in the world. Please find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted by children, animals, phones, and computers.  Sit comfortably, and feel free to have a blanket or warm tea nearby!

Before your session, it is helpful to consider 1-2 things you would like healing around (relationships, health journey, work, past issues/patterns). For example, clients have brought up things like “I know I’m in the right career, I just feel stuck in bringing in clients;” and “I’m working with doctors on healing my pancreas, but would like to heal anything on the emotional/energetic level that may be getting in the way of my body’s healing,” and “I am really upset about a relationship and want to heal my part of it.” I will also ask your guides if there is anything they would like me to share with you.

Again, once you make your appointment, you have given yourself permission to start a healing process. This means that at times clients say at the beginning of their session that they initially had the intention to get help with a certain situation and that the situation has since been resolved. Know when you make your appointment with me you are giving your guides permission to start your healing process. That is why sometimes your issue is resolved before the session to make way for a deeper issue to be cleared and healed.

Who are my Spirit Guides and what do they do?

Your Spirit Guides are beings in the spirit realms that are in essence looking out for you by working with you towards your highest and greatest good. During your sound healing session your guides and my healing team work together to give you insights into your past, (either from this life or even in a past life), that will show you how your present circumstance has been influenced by past events. Then we use this information and healing tones to enable you to let go of old patterns or negative energies that have been blocking you.

Your guides and my healing team will not take your power away by making decisions for you. These intuitive sound healing sessions are for your self-empowerment, through healing sound and messages from your guides, thus allowing you to make clearer and more conscious decisions on your life’s path. There are times we are shown messages in metaphors that only you are able to interpret. It is up to you to understand the messages provided and take, (or leave), the insight given by your guides.

Your guides and my healing team work with you in many ways during your session including using the tools I have available in my spiritual healing toolbox. I encourage you to let go of any outcomes and trust that you will get exactly what you need in your session.

Can I record the session or should I take notes?

The session may be recorded for your personal use only and may not be sold, uploaded, posted, shared, or distributed in any way. After the session, you may want time to journal some of the insights that came through from Divine Source, and our guides. Most importantly, take time to rest and let the sounds vibrate through you.

So excited to work with you. You can schedule sessions here. 

Disclaimer: Heather Needham presents all activities for educational purposes only. The information provided is not intended to diagnose or prescribe medical or psychological conditions nor to claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or to cure such conditions. The information is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a doctor or mental health professional.  You are responsible for your own actions.