You want to experience happiness,

great relationships,

a career you love,

advocating for things that matter to you,

time for fun stuff, and oh ya,

a healthy body to build this life with,

but are not quite sure what that means for you.

I mean, the voice in your head, and the people around you have so many opinions on the matter,

with conflicting advice, warnings, and worries.

Sign up for this! Go here! Do that!

Push, pull, stop!

All the inner and outer chatter is enough to make us dizzy with confusion and self-doubt.

So what to do? Where to go? How to move forward?

Your soul knows what’s best for you, and you can learn how to tap into it.


Wait, my soul? Yes. You are an awesome, beautiful, and unique spirit, building a life through and with a human body.

If you learn to tap into the spiritual part of yourself, your soul, learn to quiet the inner chatter, and then live life according to your unique values, desires, and dreams, life unfolds so much more fully and easily. Other people’s opinions on how you do life fades away, and you advocate, learn, have fun, relationship with others, and work, in ways that feel absolutely best for you with confidence and peace.

How does the soul talk to you? Well, you probably have examples of how it talks to you already. Ever been trying to make a decision, and then had the answer come while showering, listening to a song, or watching a video? Ever run into someone and they just happen to mention something you needed to hear? Ever opened a book randomly and seen just the inspiration you needed? Ever felt like you should reach out to someone, and then learned it was precisely when they needed you most? That’s your soul in action.

Let’s teach you how to get more of that. Learn the tools to connect with your soul, so you can create your own blueprints for life, and build your unique life and legacy.

Work with me, and I’ll teach you how to:

  • Re-write the scripts in your head so you feel more self-confident,

  • Tap into, and trust, your intuition,

  • Attract healthy relationships,

  • Identify your very own criteria for life so decisions feel easy and clear,

  • Create abundance of joy, time, and prosperity,

  • Use the science of happiness to experience more joy,

  • Speak from a place of confidence, authenticity, and love,

  • Define your legacy, and decide where to put your time, resources and advocacy,

  • Release loved ones when it’s time with peace and gratitude, and

  • Clear blocks to self-healing.

Learn these tools so you can bring light to the world

while experiencing more joy,

loving relationships,

and work you love!

Find Your Voice.

Choose from the three options below, depending on what you need at this time. Want a drop in to help clear fears/blocks and get answers from your soul and Divine Source around a pressing situation? Pick sound healing. Want to grow in a group setting? Pick Spiritual Workshops. Want individual coaching so you can grow deeply and make big change over time? Pick soulful coaching.

Virtual, or in person in Woodland, CA. I’ll bring over 20 years of experience teaching communication and spiritual growth workshops, coaching people to re-write the scripts in their head and tap into their soul, and being a channel of healing light and wisdom from Divine Source and our spiritual helpers. You bring your big heart and unique self.