Are you moving to a new phase of life and curious if there’s “more” to it than this?

 You are not alone. Many of us are moving into a new phase of life with:

  • our kids are gaining independence,

  • our jobs and service work evolving or reinventing,

  • our losses or changes in relationships with family, friends, and partners,

  • our personal wellness moving higher up on our lists,  

  • our understanding that life is short, creating a desire to make an impact in the world, and

  • our desire to experience interesting and fun things, but not sure what that means at this stage of lif

I understand this shift and am here to help you on your journey toward:

  • Being present at work and with family and friends,

  • Using your intuition to guide your journey,

  • Creating and maintaining meaningful relationships,

  • Experiencing joyful and fun adventures,

  • Building a career based on your needs and values,

  • Leaving a legacy through meaningful work or community service

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