About Heather Needham, Sound Healer, Spiritual Coach and Teacher

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For over 20 years I’ve worked with people to help them tap into their inner wisdom and find their voice- as a communications professor helping students release their fear of public speaking; as a researcher and trainer in the corporate, for-purpose, and consulting industries; and as a former foster parent, a community volunteer, and a true believer in shining my light on all I come in contact with.  

How I Work

Do you want to do meaningful work, speak confidently, release patterns that don't serve you, trust your intuition, create healthy relationships, and feel grounded in how you move through the world?  My work is to help you clear the path ego often sets in front of you so you can live the highest version of yourself.

Depending on  your needs at the time, I support you through intuitive sound healing sessions, spiritual workshops, and life's work coaching

To do this, I pull from three streams of gathered wisdom:

Intuition and Sound Energy Healing

In Ireland (banner) and teaching a workshop (above) . I am so grateful for being able to travel to stunningly beautiful locations, learn about other cultures, and visit sacred places. I’m also grateful for all the moments oceans have provided me for self-healing and reflection. When I’m most connected to my soul, I am able to bring my best to my life, family, community, and of course, treasured clients.

Do you want to hear your own inner wisdom?

I provide knowledge, tools, and processes to help you to discover your heart’s desire, identify and clear fears and blocks, and create a soulful life. 

I've studied under Mary Deveneau, a Psychic, Teacher, and Shaman to learn the process and ethics around intuitive readings and energy healing for the highest and greatest good. I was activated to channel Christ healing energy through my voice and hands.  

M.A. Communications and Certified Coach

Do you want to find your voice?

I use my 20 years of experience teaching communication courses at colleges and businesses to help you find your voice, quiet your inner critic, and be present as you stand in your truth and speak your wisdom.  Depending on your goals, I help you become a more authentic and poised speaker, communicate well with your friends and colleagues, and learn to listen to others and yourself. 

I am also a Certified Rapid Results Coach through Hay House Author Christian Mickelsen.

Styles Indicator

Is fear limiting your expression?

I am a certified to use a styles indicator tool for understanding how to quiet fear in our lives. When you know how you are wired to react under pressure, then you can learn how to calm your body down when under pressure and reduce the pressure triggers in your life. You also better understand yourself and others which leads to greater compassion, better communication, and a more productive and peaceful life.  This styles indicator has been used successfully for over 40 years as a human dynamics tool in business and is backed by the latest in neuroscience. For more information, go to marketforceglobal.com


Kind words:

"Heather has the unique gift of being able to sense the energy of others.  She can use this gift to tap into how someone is feeling that they themselves may not recognize. She can help you identify fears, guide you on how to be present to your own inner wisdom, and help you discover who you truly are and what you have to share with the world. Heather is very gentle, compassionate, wise, and loving. She is a natural and gifted teacher and healer. She is truly using her gifts to help others and raise the consciousness of our world." -- Michelle Buzbee

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